Monday, April 14, 2008

His Kids Radio Station


Came across this great radio station.  They have lots of the latest kids music.  I love to play this while the girls and I are in the house. We have a lot of fun dancing around the house praising Jesus!

ref=pd_bbs_sr_1.jpgWe read this bible every-night. 

                                       It's by Karen Henley.  It's a must have!


The stories are written in chronological order-in the order in which they occurred.  For example, David's psalms are placed with stories about his life.  The Gospels are combined to tell the story of Jesus' life as a whole.  The text has been simplified, but not fictionalized or robbed of its power, because it is straight from the word of God.   Day by Day Bible by Karen Henley

Our family loves this bible.  It's not good for looking up scripture, but as a day by day, read through the bible.  Paul and I take turns reading to Autumn.  One day I caught Autumn reading her bible. She was was doing this in secret because she thought she would get in trouble!  Crazy Huh?   

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His Hands His Feet Today

Parker actually got it for t=his "you can read now" gift several months ago and we also just finished reading through it as a family for our evening family worship time. It's binding is already coming off as it went camping with us too. We bounce between reading a version of a children's Bible and a character development "tool" for family worship at night ... we really enjoyed this version :).

My sister listens to the His Kid . net but my kids , but we haven't so much.


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