Sunday, July 13, 2008

Here's what Happening

We'll we off to camp for the week.  Don't forget the baby sling, can't live without it.  (although it look as if Lou hates it)

Were speaking to kids ages 10-12 this week.(about 200)   We love this age. They are truly hungry for God. You can teach them so much and they are like sponges and soak up every word.  Paul amazes me at his speaking abilities. I love to see how God uses him during the camps that we speak at. (3 more camps to go) We expect God to move in the lives of children this week in a big way!

Look for great pictures.  The theme is amazing, our props are outstanding!    Can't wait for you all to see.  

We had some Limited Too buck to spend before they expired.  We've finally arived to the age where Limited Too is THE  STORE!  Those buck are great.

I got Autumn...

This dress she's wearing
2 pair of earrings

All for $55 Dollars.  I think It's a great price.  I'm very impressed at how there clothes wash up.

Okay, signing off for a week of camp... expecting great thing!

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I love the carrier you have. what kind is it?


Have fun at camp this week. I know kids from our church were excited that you guys were going to be there again.

Autumn needs to stop growing! It doesn't seem that long ago that she was Lillies age laying in the pews sleeping during your programs.

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