Saturday, July 19, 2008

First Week of Youth Camp...ages 10-11

One week down, 3 more weeks of camp to go!  This year our theme is THE BIG DIG.  Were are teaching 'The 7 C’s of History’ it's a catchy phrase that helps people remember the big events that have affected (or will affect) the universe: Creation, Corruption, Catastrophe, Confusion, Christ, Cross, Consummation.  Kids were able to ask questions about Dinosaurs. They had so many great question.  Answers in Genesis is where we got all of our material.  We also visited the Creation Museum in Ohio last summer.  This is how our theme came about.

Were all hanging in there, losing weight because of Camp food, LOL (not bad!) and jumping around and stage not to mention it's so hot and humid here. Paul has moved his belt back to a different hole.  We've found Lillie a sitter here at camp.  This next week is Autumns Week.  Sorry not a lot of time.  More pic to come next week.  I'll have more time next week because now we know how camp is going to run and all the programs are in place.
We had 149 campers, which is awesome were up 50 from last year.  Next week is expected to be the same.

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Loved the camp Jessica. I was a counselor for the girls with my 2 girls and son as campers. They also enjoyed everything that you guys did. What an amazing ministry you both do! We have one of your older DVD's that has some songs and video's that go with. Do you have a new one out with the songs from camp on it? or Do you know where we could get the songs from namely, Drive the bus, Your love is bigger than life, and You gave your life? If you could email me that would be awesome. Loved the bloggs too! Will be checking back with ya'll later. Thanks, Marie Jacobs

The Scotts

SOunds like a great week! Hang in there!

His Hands His Feet Today

We love Answers in Genesis! I bet your camp is AWESOME!!!!


Camp looks like it was great this year. Is Autumn in camp this week?

Thanks for the shirt. She loved it.

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