Saturday, July 26, 2008

Michigan Church of God Jr. Camp..ages 7-9

One more week down ages 7-9.  Two more weeks to go.  We had 139 campers this week.  We've broke records in the Church of God camps. Our camps have almost doubled from last year!  

Paul & (Pastor Scott) designed the camp shirts-they glow in the dark!  We pressed all 600 of them.  I always buy a new pay of sewing scissers for camps so i can cut all my t-shirts.  I hate t-shirts.

Were already thinking of next years Themes!  

This year we brought in a reptial show for the kids.  They fed a Savanna Monitor a live mouse... everyone loved it!  It was my first time ever holding a snake.  Way cool! 

Paul shaved his beard and traded it in for an old go-t? Yuck!  It looks so old fashion.  He was going for the archeological look!  I really like the chops from last year.

Pauls heart always shines during camp.  He loves to see kids educated and taught how to worship and pray. So many kids don't know how to do this.

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Michelle Pullins

Way cool set!!! Where did you get the dinos? God is definitely up to something. Our church just completed a church-wide series on Creation. I also got some ideas from Answers in Genesis. Neal's best friend, John Upchurch, is one of their editors.


Sadez and I recently held a 40lb python at the library (and several other interesting animals) She loved it! Wouldn't you know it, I forgot my camera. She was one of the first to stand up when they asked if anyone wanted to hold it.

I always enjoyed camp season. Not necessarily every part of it but it was always fun.


can we get a list of the songs that you played at camp and who they are by??? we would greatly appriciate it...


Eek snakes! I don't think I could hold one....I like looking at them from behind glass :)

You should get one of those t-shirt books...I saw one at the library, it's got hundreds of different ways to chop up a t-shirt to make it look better. I'll have to look up the title again.

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