Sunday, September 28, 2008

The Corn Maze

Today we went to church locally in our home town. (Pastor Paul is in OHIO)  A lady who works at my dentist goes to this church and she invited me.  They are a Mobile church in the Auditorium of the Hospital.  The girls and I went.  We were 15 minutes late, I thought it started at 10:30 Oops 10:00.  I walked in during praise and worship. Of the 100 people that were there, 1/2 were siting down during worship.  I was bothered by this.  What ever happened to a sacrifice of praise, come on people you've only been here for 15 minutes!!  (I'm not even going there.)

Autumn came right out and told me what she learned (fear) today!  Thats a plus!  The kids were going over to the Children's leaders house for donuts and cider and a hay-ride over to the corn maze. We had a great time.  I don't mind going to new places and being put in different situations by myself with people I don't know.  It's a way of life for the Dietzel's with all the different churches we speak at it nothing new to our family.

So the corn maze was crazy.  If you've never gone, (I haven't) you should try it.  The corn is so tall you can't see which way your going.  You get a map and have to find several check points in the maze.  When you get there you punch a hole in your card.  It was hard!  Especially if you have no since of direction like me, who still has difficulty with a map after 10 years of traveling:)  The paths were different objects. The one we did was a horse, it was 1.6 miles.  Little Lou keep up for the most part, I throw her in her sling towards the end.  It tired em' out.  They were both a sleep by 8:15.

I do miss my hubby when he's gone!  

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