Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Why I prayed for Girls!!

When people asked me while I was pregnant, " do you want a boy or girl."  My answer was never, "whatever God wants me to have" or " Just a Healthy baby."  I Said, "A Girl!"

I knew that one day, Paul would leave me! (Not in that sense)  We would not always be able to travel together.  It was all good when Autumn was an only child.  She was an easy traveler and not in school. We got to go and see so many things!  (Poor Lillie)  We came off the road for 1 year signing a contract with a local church TFC to help them revamp there children's program.  This would allow us to put Autumn in School and to have another baby. When Lillie came along, of-course I prayed for a girl!  Then we hit the road again.  Lillie didn't travel as well as Autumn:(

Now that our family has grown and Autumn is in school.  I'm home all by my lonesome. I miss Paul so much when he is gone.   Every-time he leaves me I'm grateful for my girls.  (We get to do the girl things, That's why I prayed for girls!)  Hey, I know that I'm spoiled!  It's not everyday that a wife gets to work with her husband 24/7.  I love the days that were off an get get to do whatever we want!  So I shouldn't complain when he has to go for 2-3 day.

When husband is gone it  reminds me of what I would do if I did't have him, when he leaves me I often think of this. (Crying for some reason now) It's been almost a year since he was in the ICU and nearly died.  Read our Story!  Thanks be to God he still has plans For Pastor Paul!  I know that our travels are slowing down. God has given us a new passion for young families in our community.  (More to come at a later date)  It won't be much longer that I will have to be all by my lonesome.

Love'n my girls!  Miss'n my husband!

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His Hands His Feet Today

Oh but boys are SSSOOOO much fun! Totally different than girls! I have 6 of them !!! LOL!


See now, I wanted boys and got my wish. But now I want a girl. I want frills and lace and makeup...although Noah does a fantastic job painting his toenails LOL


Jessica, I prayed for girls, too! :)

Michelle Pullins

Jessica, I prayed for girls, too :)
(the above comment was mine, too... for some reason I wasn't logged in... I don't know)

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