Saturday, September 27, 2008

I've been taged!

The Mommy Rabmles tagged me!SIX Random Things about me... Jessica Marie DietzelOne:   I love clean sheets and I make everyones beds in the morning when i get up.  I can't stand getting in to my bed is the sheet are mess up.  Crazy sheet fedish!!
Two:  I love the Beveraly Lewis books.  The Amish are so interesting.
Three:  I no longer am a scrapbooker... I now do photo books online.  Less time consuming and less expensive.
Four: I'm a PK form many generations and so are my children.
Five:   I really don't like to cook, bake or microwave. 
Six: I've been to 35 different states.

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I'm tagging 

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Beverly Lewis is amazing! I've read all of her books and wish she would write them faster LOL And sandwiches are my best friend. The husband has been back home for a week and I've cooked...once. I told him we were eating sandwiches tonight and he says "again?" LOL

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