Thursday, September 11, 2008

This summer I gave my sister in-law $100 to spend for me because I had no time to shop.  She had a hard time spending it all.  She was looking for the really good deals.  This is what so got for $60.00!
3 Tyson Anytizers
1 Fruit chillers
19 Bags of Cas. Farm frozen Veggies
1 Edwards Turtle Pie
1 Lara Lee Bites
2 Green giant Veggies
4 box eggo waffels (still in her freezer)

4 Boxes of Quaker Granola Bars
2 Palmolive dish soap
1 Juicy Juice
2 Keebler Cookies
3 Snack Pack puddings
9 boxes of Pop Tarts
4 boxes of Cereal
1 Kellogg's fruit snack
1 Betty Crocker Cookie mix
1 Barilla pasta 
3 boxs of Rice Krispy Treats

1 Hormel Chilli
1 Sweet Baby Rays BBQ 
2 Ketchup
2 Club crackers
1 Club flips crackers
3 Martha White Muffin Mixes
4 Koted
2 Advil
2 Band-aid
1 Crest
3 soft Soap
1 Satin Care
5 Garnier Fructis 2-1 shampoo 
1 Garnier Fructis Hair putty
2 Sure deodorant 

Great Job Kristen!!!!  You got 93 items for $60.00!

On to something more serious.....Ha!  It was awful quite while I was cooking dinner.  I thought, "WOW she's playing really good!"  Good thing it's washable!
Found this photo of Autumn.  I guess you could say Lillie wants to be like her big sister!

1 I love Comments!!:

His Hands His Feet Today

Well at least she didn't get any on the carpet! LOL! Gotta love those moments :)

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