Tuesday, October 7, 2008

The smell of Dog!! UGG!

I can smell anything...  I have a noes that knows!

One reason I did not want a big dog, we'll two.
1.  Smell
2.  Hair

I told Paul the other day.  Our house smell like DOG.  My brother-in-law Tim (Hey Tim I know you read my blog a few times a week) let us use this air purifier.  I must admit, I'm a skeptic.  Do they really work?  Oh my Lord! Yes they Do!  I'm forever saved!  My house does not have a smell at all.  Thanks Tim.  I owe you big time.  Your my favorite brother-in-law, don't tell Dave.

You know Tim you can leave a comment here on my blog.  (For all of you who do not know how to comment.  It's easy)  At the end of each post there is a comment button.  You click on that and choose an option.  If you do not have a blog than you choose anonymous.  Leave me a comment (Tim) and anyone else, make sure you leave your name so I know who you are.  That's it.  Try it Tim  LOL!   LOL means Laught Out Loud, Tim.

Oh ya, Enoch is about 65 pounds.  He hasn't went potty in the house in 2 weeks.  Tomorrow I'm hopefully getting my carpet cleaned.  I don't think i need to worry about him anymore.  When I work on the computer he sits under me and sleep (snores), I put my feet on him to keep my toes warm.  At least he's good for something.

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Hey Jess,

Okay, Now you've done it!! I read the blog too, Being that Dave is my husband, I object!! LOL, I USED to read your blog! (JK) Maybe if Tim gives me an air purifier, he'll be my favorite brother in law too! My dog only has "little
'smells!! I love the new blog look. I do have a blog but I'm still working on it!

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