Friday, January 23, 2009

Enoch, Autumn & Lillie

Encoh...  Getting to be a big boy.  Weighting in at about 105 pounds and is 11 months old.  He's doing great and he listens very well.  A habit he's picked up is drinking out of the tub faucet. He seems to like the drip.  He sleeps all day and wants to play at night.  We found out today that he is going to be a great protector.

Lillie Lou... she's liking her sister's Nintendo DS.  She has been cracking us up lately, she is so funny.   She's into her dress up and princess stuff.  She likes Angelina Ballerina, Backyardagains, Max & Ruby and Wonder Pets.  She likes to talk on the phone to Grandma even though most times you have no idea what she is talking about.  Everything Autumn does she has to do.  She still has that silly passy. That's because mom doesn't want to give it up yet :)  Don't worry she only has it when she sleeps and when she rides in the car.  Today we cleaned out her clothes for summer. She can still where some of them.  She a tiny little thing.  She loves her black dress shoes and would wear them with everything if I let her.

Autumn...  Always has and always will bloom with personality!!  Loves the internet.  She has her own email and enjoys looking at videos on youtube.  She is growing up so fast. Her favorite store is Limited Too.   She love's to dress up,  but also loves to play with boys.  She's into her Jazz class right now.  Yes, she does have rhythm.  She loves animals and can't wait to go on a date with her dad.  This Monday after jazz they are going to Applebee's.  She's is so excited.  

As for Paul and I (sorry not photo, there's never any of the parents any more) We're doing great. I enjoy spending my days with him.  I think we're kind of spoiled when it comes to being self-employed and doing what we want.  Some have been asking about the fast and if we've made any decisions yet.  Not yet, but lots is happening and we will know the Lords will before to long.   I'll fill you in soon as to what is happening with the Dietzels?

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Amy W

You have such a sweet family. I'd love to hear more about the fast as well. And whether you like my granola recipe. :) Take care!


There has got to be a book out somewhere about the sayings of two year olds! I always said I was going to write all the funny stuff down, but sometimes it was so often I couldn't keep up. I just love to hear Lillie's voice, it is so sweet. Emily does the dates with dad as well, I guess those Dietzel boys make pretty wonderful dads!!

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