Monday, January 26, 2009

I'm so glad I came up with this idea.  At least I think it was mine (Memory Lane Monday) I haven't seen it on any other blogs I read, but I enjoy it so much.  You guys should try it too! I'm loving to look back.  Plus it makes me feel so good to be organized with all my photo. (keep working on it Tracey, you'll get there!) I've put them all on my external hard drive in date order.  You know how your mom didn't write on the photos so you never knew when it was!  Not this mom!

Anyhow, here were are in Washington DC in 2002 when President Bush was the President. We also were there in 2003.  We were in the area doing a Kids Crusade.

We also went to the Smithsonian National Zoo.  I remember it being a very hot day and the zoo was not flat it's had several hills.  It was hard work to push a stroller in 98 degree weather.

This is Autumn playing in the water mister. Which was a great relief from the heat. Autumn didn't realize how quickly she had gotten wet.  She had a fit afterward because she was drenched and didn't have extra clothes.  She survived.

She did not like this at all!

All in a days work!  Poor Lillie,  I think of all the places that Autumn has been in six years of traveling before her.  I don't think she'll ever catch up.  Heres to great memories on "Memory Lane Monday".   I hope you join me again to reminisce!  

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Wee Ones Mommy

Love this. Where did you have your negatives put to digital?


OK, I'm going to start memory lane Monday so you have to tune in. I loved the one in the Statue of Liberty too. I'm reading my friend and enjoying every minute.

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