Saturday, February 14, 2009

Kisses for Valentines Day

Happy Valentines Day!
I got these nightgowns the other day for the girl for Valentines day.  They were 1/2 of the markdown price, $3.25.  The girls are still into High School Musical.  They've played great together today.  Lillie really misses Autumn while she is at school.

Autumn hates to be kissed.  When I tuck her in at night I kiss her forehead.  I think this started when Paul was in the hospital.  Germs!  I tell her it's just family germs and those are okay.  It doesn't work.  The good side of that is we don't have to worry about any boy problems (for now).  Kissing is totally gross to her.

Paul will be home on Sunday afternoon from New York.  Autumn likes to sleep with me while her dad is gone. She really looks forward to it, but I don't sleep very well, she is a wild sleeper!   But I can't complain she keeps me warm;)

One thing we do have to go into town and get today is a new passy.  Enoch found it this morning. Usually this would not have happened.  The passy stays on the bed so it's there when she is ready for bed.  I don't know how it escaped.  Still pondering when and how to get rid of this thing.  If you have any ideas i'd like to know.  I'm thinking this summer we'll work on this.  She'll be 3, it's gotta go.  The good news is... no one sees' it because it's only for naps and night.  People would probably give me the evil eye.  I always thought that kids should never have a passy past the age of 2.  That is until I had a child with a passy.  Passy's bring peace to the house:)

I'm asking all of you that read this blog to "follow me" on the top right side of my bog.  I know your out there.  I track you through my counter I know these things!!  I've also met so many people who I never knew followed.  So just do it, okay?

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wow thats one nawed up pacifier!


Good luck with the passy - I couldn't get Noah to loose his either. We lost it one day and after a couple hours of crying he was fine, so when I finally ran across it...I didn't tell him LOL

4 Smith's

Jess...cold turkey. With both kids. They had them one day, threw them out the next and that was it. Once slight relapse with M but other than that it was fine! Pain for a day or two and L stopped napping after that, but not as bad as you'd think. Did Autumn have one?


Austin threw his in the trash one day in the nursery at church. Before I could dig it out, someone threw a diaper on it. Whenever he would ask for it we just told him that he threw it away. It's true it might be a bit painful for a day, but sometimes cold turkey is best.

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