Friday, February 13, 2009

Be Mine... Valentines Day Party

Today was the day,  her Valentine Party at School.   Autumn counts down the days to the events that she looks forward to.
These Valentines have been done for over a week!  Thanks to Tracey they're extra special this year, she's been photoshopped in with the Jonas Brothers and we wrapped them around Hershey Bars.  That cute shirt she is wearing I got of 50% of the clearance price which was only $3.00 Yea!
I'm going to surprise her today by showing up at her Party.  

Paul has left again for the weekend.  He's off with John to NY, by way of cutting through Canada.  It's a lot faster that way.  He's in Upper State NY.  He's at Winterfest again with about 1,500 Youth, that are using 10 of our inflatables. If you've never seen our ministry you can click here.

I Don't know what I'm going to do this weekend.  I know the bathroom needs cleaned, the refrigerator needs to be cleaned out and I'd like to clean out a few more closets.  My mom's church has a spring garage sale to help send the kids at church to youth camp.  I've filled a few bags for her from the girls room that I cleaned last week.   I'm hoping to give her some more treasures,  I will be seeing her in two weeks so I will be able to get this stuff out of my house. Yeah!  Yeah to seeing my parents and Yeah to getting that stuff out of the house:)

3 I love Comments!!:


That is a super cute idea for V-Day cards!

Amy W

Those chocolate bars are great!! I hope you get to celebrate V-Day when your hubby gets back!!


SO happy Autumn liked them!!!!!
She's too cute!

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