Monday, March 9, 2009

Happy Dance!

Todays grocery run was AWESOME! I did a Happy Dance!  Good thing no one I knew was around.  It makes me smile the whole way home.

5 Boxes of Kellogg's Cereal (3 were free)
2 Welch's Juice
2 Kens Salad Dressing (free)
2 Salad spritzers (free)
6 Bags of Saargento Cheese!!!!
4 boxes of Pepperage farm Texas toast
3 Toaster Strudles
6 Bounty Paper Towels (free)
3 Tooth brushes (free)
3 Mentos (free)
3 fruit by the foot
2 packs of Duracell batteries
 and...  Milk
All this for $13.69  I saved 89% of my total bill.  Kroger has great sales this week.  Go get em' ladies!!!

Okay Gail...  I do really regret not remembering to get those coupons!!  I bet there was some good ones.

2 I love Comments!!:


Maybe I should just pay you to do my shopping for me - I keep forgetting to buy the paper on Sunday *sigh*

Wow! I am impressed.

I am wondering if they look at you funny at the register?

89%...Wow (again)

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