Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Shepherds Cup Award

Our trip to Greenville SC was a success! It was so nice to be able to attend the 
Focus Conference again and met up with old friends. Paul was nominated for the 
Shepherd Cup award by our State YCE director, Dusty Wilson. It was a surprise and we
had to do a little skimming behind his back.

I contacted Pastor Adam from the Freedom Center who made a video to show during 
the presentation. I had seen the video ahead of time and did not cry, such great 
memories. Needless to say Paul and I cried like babies on stage!! It was an honor 
to receive such an award for childrens ministry. Thanks Pastor Adam.

So anyhow, now that were home I have redone the video Pastor Adam made and put 
text over photos and made it longer than the 3 minutes allowed. How can you sum up
ten years of ministry in a 3 minute video? This one is 4:19 seconds and at the end is a 
photo of Paul and I receiving the award.

Pay no attention to my bad greasy hair day!! Paul was on the schedule to draw that
morning during the program. He would also be receiving his award. He was scheduled to go 
on at 9:15 I believe. At 9:02 I rolled over in bed to see what time it was!!! Ahhhhhhh! The alarm 
didn't go off. Were not going to argue who fault it was. Good thing we showered the night 
before and I had all our clothes ironed and ready. (This is normal for me) Paul was really 
in under 5 minutes and I was quickly behind him 5 minutes later!

Most of you are laughing because of you know this is so me. This is just another event that
one day we will look back at and laugh! Right honey?

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Congratulations Paul and Jessica!!
Keep up the great work. (Jessica, you look beautiful at the awards you always do.)

gail t.

Thats awesome, Love the video, great memories, you two do a great job for the Lord. Keep it up

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