Thursday, April 23, 2009


I have a few girl friends who we all shop together.  (Stay at home moms who have kids in school)  We look like a train going through the store. LOL!!  But it's a great time together to share coupons and catch deals that some of us don't see. I now your thinking we should all go to the spa for girl friend bonding.  We have GIRLS NIGHT OUT once a month.  This has been fun and a great time for me to met new friends.

Back to the deals of the Day...

Not bad for an 3o minute quick run through Kroger.  Today I saved 88% of my grocery bill!  I got 42 items for $10.64.

Johnsonville Sausage for .50 I think is the best deal.  My favorite deal is the Hot Shot Foggers for 1.69,  those things are $6.99.  I use these often.

Free Items:  (6)Lawry's Marinate, (3)McCormick seasoning, (6)Steam-fresh frozen veggies, (2)Suave shampoo, (1)Angle Soft TP, (6)Bounty Paper towels, (2)Scotch Brite sponges, (3)Wet (3)Ones & Pedigree dog bones.  All in a days work, we'll 30 minutes.

This week has been pretty busy, working on summer stuff, camps stuff, packing trailers, clean out the garage & working of Faith Family (Church Plant at the YMCA).

We have a web site for Faith Family you can check it out at
We've ordered t-shirts and are getting ready for our first open house/get together this coming Tuesday.  Were really excited!!  More to come.

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