Sunday, April 12, 2009

Easter Morning

I have to say it was an early one for us and it didn't go as I expected.   We had to be up at 6:00 and out by 7:00 and heading to Farmington Hills,  Paul had to speak Easter Morning.  Autumn stumbled into the bathroom and ran right into my curling iron that was hang on our towel rack. Yikes what a scare.
My girls are great risers, but because of our early Saturday morning when we had to set up for the egg hunt at a local church (pictures tomorrow) they were tired.  The girls baskets were on the kitchen table and they didn't even get to look at them before we rushed out the door, Autumn did see a couple of hidden eggs on her way out the door.  They'd have to wait until we got home.  

I felt kinda like a bad mom this morning.  It was so rushed with Autumn getting hurt and Lillie throwing a fit not wanting to wear that shirt and I didn't get to make there hair look all cute:( Which makes me kinda of Sad.

The church we spoke at had an egg hunt for the kids.  Like my kids did not get enough candy yesterday!!  They've been eating it for 2 days straight.  It was cool and windy  yesterday morning, I guess it's was a  good thing I didn't do their hair.  You wouldn't of been able to tell with all that wind.

There was an egg hunt for Autumns age and then the little ones went.

Autumn was a good helper.  I do think she enjoys it, she's just not going to let on.

Service went great and they almost doubled the attendance.  We were invited out to dinner after service, but I knew Lou probably would not show her cute, loving side being up since 6:00 am so we decided against it. After we packed up all our equipment at the church we ran though Meijers for a sit down meal of fried chicken and mashed potatoes. Hows that for an Easter Dinner!  (these are the days when I miss going to moms) HA!  

Lillie about 2 minutes down the road falls asleep and I had a killer of a sinus headache.  So when we got home at 3:30 I put Lou in my bed and crawled in with her.  Poor Autumn is just waiting to get into her easter basket and find those eggs.  Except none of us could function.

Finally were all up at 5:00 and the girls had a blast looking for more eggs (How many times can you find eggs?)   and I got no photos of anything.  I took this one of their baskets last night.  Not quite the day I had imagined:(

The good news...  JESUS IS ALIVE and I'm glad we celebrate this all year around and not only on Easter. Like the people who only go to church on Christmas and Easter, we celebrate everyday.  Thank you Jesus for being more real in our life than just on Easter Sunday.

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Great pix and great baskets!!!!

Praying the burn will heal quickly and without scarring.



I have days like that (((hugs)))

The great thing is that the girls probably weren't even really phased by the bummer of a day. I have to remind myself of this fact alot when I end up with a day that turned out less that I had planned. Especially when it's a holiday.

Amy W

It's funny how we have expectations of how the holidays are supposed to go. I finally threw out the notion that the girls had to be all dolled up for Easter this year. We bought inexpensive knit dresses at Target and regular white sandals. Practicality is the name of the game right now. I didn't have a new outfit - in fact, I wore PANTS for the first time in my life on Easter Sunday. Liberating!


Some day you will look back at this Easter and remember how blessed it was, with all of it's quirks! Funny, Emily wore the same dress from last year and I wore an outfit that I haven't wore since last spring. Don't get me started on the hair...Emily's was flat and plain. I came to realize that maybe being all dolled up is not all it's cracked up to be. Easter is so much more about what Jesus has done and who He is! It was so nice to just focus on that, and not all the external things we so easily get caught up on. Oh and Austin actually grabbed my hot curling iron when he was 6, so your not alone!! We will pray you get some much needed rest! Love you guys...

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