Friday, April 10, 2009


It's that time of year for the Dietzel family.  Our seasonal income starts to pick at Easter.  We book Eggsplosions for Churches that want to hold an Easter Egg hunt. 

I know what some of you are thinking.  That's not the reason for Easter!!  We all know the real reason but families are not just coming to your church because they want to.  These type of outreaches help pull in unchurched families on to the church grounds that some would never step foot on if it wasn't for something special.  If a church is smart they'll have friendly people who are trained and ready for new comers.  By having key people met new unchurched people, and build a relationship,  they are more apt to come back to visit you on a Sunday Morning.

So we have lots of egg, ruffly . . .  30,000.   Every spring we have to sort the egg from last year and make sure they are put back together.  This only takes us about an hour.

You looking at about 6,000 eggs here.  I guess your wondering how we get the egg back?  We hide them empty.  And who wants to keep an empty egg anyway, right?

This is how it works: 

Depending on the size of crowd, we divide the areas up in to age groups (We've done egg hunts for churches that have had 1,500 people).   

You hide the eggs!  Well, you just throw them.  You can't hid that many eggs.  

Kids go and gather the eggs and take them to the Egg Redemption Center. Here, workers count the eggs and write on the child's hand with a erasable marker.

Kids go redeem their candy.  At the candy centers workers check the kids hand to see how many eggs the child found.  The worker give the child so many scoops of candy depending how many egg they have found.  (This all depends on the amount of candy the church has had donated)

So there you have it.  We also have a DVD the helps churches put on there own egg hunts if your interested let me know.

This weekend we have two scheduled and one church has just rented the eggs from us.  I'll try and take photos this weekend so you can all she how it goes down.

At our Eggsplosion we also have our inflatables set up and some time we serve cotton candy and sno-cones.

If you'd like more information you can go to

3 I love Comments!!:

Wow Jessica, That is awesome. I agree fully with your philosophy.
And I am sure everyone has tons of fun!!!!!

Natalie Bacon

I remember the one you did at TFC and the kids loved it!


I was hoping you didn't fill all those with candy! I like your idea!

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