Thursday, April 9, 2009

Rock Painting

All of the snow has melted and it was 50 degrees today.  That was a freaky thing having snow in April.   Finally today it felt like spring on spring break!  Autumn and Lou went outside this morning to find rocks to paint.   They spent a hour being creative.   

Lillie gets this tongue thing from her Grandpa Dietzel.

Autumn had her eye doctor appointment today.  We went to several places this morning before the eye appointment and took a picture of her wearing the glasses she was interested in.  Then after we had her eye exam she made the decision as to which ones she liked. We looked through all of the photos I had taken and she choose from them.   She was very picky,  well maybe not picky but she knew exactly which style she wanted.   Anything with a color was not an option.  It would not match everything so it had to be either brown or black. She preferred the plastic frames over the metal frames.  The glass will be here in about a week and then we'll let you all take a peek.   The doctor says she only needs to wear them at school to see the board and do her work & watching tv. She doesn't need them when she plays unless she wants to wear them.

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Those pics are so cute! Love the "tounge" thing! Elijah has that too, so cute when they are consentrating!

oh, the tongue is so cute. Fun!


Rock painting - great idea! I'll have to do this with the boys! I love the tongue picture as well!

Taking pictures of Autumn in the glasses is a good idea!

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