Tuesday, April 21, 2009

i Heart Faces - Self portrait

This weeks theme is self portrait,  it's either a photo of just you or one of you and your child.  I don't have any of me at all,  I'm not surprised because the mom is the one always behind the camera.  This photo takes us back to 2005 at my moms house on christmas.

12 I love Comments!!:


I love it when a picture is all at once pretty, well done, and very funny! :)


This picture is a classic!! Beautiful ladies doing funny things and taking pictures of it!


You girls are sooooooooo funny!!!!

Sarah@Life in the Parsonage

Oh this is too cute!

allenaim photography and design

hilarious! :)


Great picture :)


Nice :)

Julie Rivera Photography

At first, I had to wonder if you still had your Christmas lights up! :) For the beauty of you and your daughter, I almost missed the bulbs up the nose.

American in Norway

Adorable! You are both beautiful, great shot!


How in the world are you looking so good with a bulb in your nose? :) This is a fun shot, and I'm sure it's a great memory too.

Boybarian Dad

I love the humor, color and composition of this. Nicely done.


Haha what a fun picture! :-) love it!

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