Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Today is a big day!!

I'm off to the Dentist this morning.  Yeah!!  I'm so relieved.  I'm getting a long waited crown this morning.  I can't wait for the pain to be gone.  I love the Dentist and I love clean teeth, but this time I'll a little nervous. 

Autumn is at her friend Madasens for a slumber party.  They were going bowling today.  She was practicing on the Wii last night. lol  Silly girl!   Lillie is missing her but Miss Dana sent home a cup cake for Lou and that made it much better.

I'm practicing again.  It's so hard for me to figure out the setting on my camera.  It definitely does not come natural for me.  Over time I'm hoping I'll get it.

Autumn has an eye appointment this week.  She failed her eye test at school. Paul was asked to work that day with the test retakes.  He asked the lady why autumn was retested.  She called him over to be tested at the machine.  

She asked Paul if he could see the bottom line.  
He said, "Yes."   She said, "Your daughter can't."

She than asked if he could see the next line up.  
He said, "Yes."   She said, "Your daughter can't."

She asked again how about the next line up.  
He said, "Of course!"   She said, "Your daughter can't."

So there you have it!  Autumn can only read the top line!!  She got her mamma's eyes.  I got my first pair of glasses in 3rd grade.

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Glasses. Fun stuff. I got mine super early on too. Just don't let her pick hot pink frames like I did LOL

Is she excited about getting glasses?


Thanks for visiting my blog! I love yours as well - so well put together!

My oldest son got his glasses a year ago, at the ripe old age of 4. He's far-sighted so he needs it only for reading, computer time, DS time, you get the picture... but lately he hasn't been wearing them at all. Bad mommy! I need to be a lot more diligent, it's just so hard to see such little kids having to deal with glasses!

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Morgan's had her's since kindergarten and when I asked her if she'd ever want contacts (after explaining what contacts are) when she was older she said she didn't think so because she thinks her glasses make her look smart. She'll do great.


P.S. I added you to my Reader too! =D

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