Saturday, June 13, 2009

Camp Michigindo

Camp Michigindo is the most beautiful camp we've been to as far as facilities.  What a treat to be here this week. Meaning that we started on Thursday and we finish up Sunday evening.  This is a church that has a camp just for their kids.  We are in the top half in the middle of this photo.  Autumn is on the right in the top back and Lillie is sleeping on her adoptive Grandpas lap.  What a blessing they have been for us.  Lillie just loves them.  Don't tell my parents... they be crushed. lol

This gift bag was in our room,  Lillie was so excited!  She really has been missing Autumn these last two days.  There are no TVs  in the rooms but I'm grateful for the wifi which has allowed us to watch Wonder Pets & Max and Ruby on Nick Jr. on our Mac and to keep in touch with all of you!!

Here is Autumn with her two new friends.  She adjust so well in different situations.  She's loving camp this week and being on her own.  Lucky for her she has 7 more camps to go!

Lillie and Paul stopped to take a look at the kids jumping off the Big Bog in the lake.  Lillie keeps saying she wants to go on it!  She has no idea what she is talking about.  They also have a water side too!  I'm going to try and get a photo of Autumn tomorrow on, if she doesn't chicken out!

Here is Autumn having a great time in the afternoon session. (Not our program)  
We've already be invited back for next years camp.  This makes Autumn very excited!

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Jess, you are so blessed with such great kids. They are too pretty (and both have great heads of hair!!). And I love Autumn's glasses. I think when we have to change Mo's we will change to the plastic frames....we shall see. Have a great time and I suppose we will see you soon!!


I miss camps sometimes. They were so fun yet exhausting at the same time. Autumn is going to have a great summer.


Awwww Lillie is looking so grown up!

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