Friday, June 12, 2009

Whoville T-shirts!

Hot off the Press!! Whoville T-shirts for Youth Camps. We are currently at our first camp of eight this year!!  Lillie is modeling our shirts.  She's been singing on stage and doing a great job!

Were in Hillsdale Michigan, it's a beautiful camp grounds called Michindoh,  which is close to Michigan, Illinois and Ohio.  I thought it was a creative name.

Summer is finally here!!  When do we get a nap???

Hehe,  if you know us... we take a nap everyday in the summer.  It's the only way to survive!!

4 I love Comments!!:


Lots of fun. Ha Ha. Guess whose head we checked last night. Here we go again. Hey do you have any extra Whoville shirts. The girls would love them.


That Lillie is such a pumpkin! What a little doll. I am so sorry about the headlice, aiiii......I sooo hate that! Hopefully she wasn't in the room with Autumn last night!

Amy W

We have never had head lice at our house - thank God! I know my sis-in-law was mortified when her girls got it. She's a clean freak.


Lice = no fun! I had them when I was little and don't want them again! I've heard that tea tree oil keeps them away?

(LOVE the shirts!)

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