Monday, June 15, 2009

Memory Lane Monday ...

I can't remember where this event took place but the year is 2004.  
 We were doing a program at some church, somewhere and they landed a helicopter
 on the church property.

It was quite exciting for all off us!!  I love the expressions on Autumn face.
This is Lacey our famous Nanny.  
She'll be coming to stay with the girls again in a few weeks.

This is my favorite.
Oh when the simplest things give the greatest adventure.

We just got in from a week of camp... boy are we tired.  Currently I'm pressing Whoville Camp T-shirts and doing laundry.  Mom and dad are stopping by tomorrow for lunch along with my brother and his family.  After lunch I'm taking my mom coupon shopping.  Then were off to Ohio on Thursday.

We had a great time at Camp Michindo and I've got some photos and a video of the waterside. I'll try and get those up tomorrow.

2 I love Comments!!:

Busy! Wow!

These are so cute. Your little girl was sooooo little!!!


Wow! 5 years ago? It doesn't seem that long ago. Autumn always has had the most expressive face.

We were in Meadville, PA. I only know because I still have their tshirt. I use it for a sleep shirt.

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