Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Happy Time Camp in Brown City Michigan

First off...   It's hotter than hadies this week!   

This is were we do our morning devotions and evening program.  Look at Pastor Paul!! He's drenched.  GROSS!  Obviously the air conditions is not working.  I mean there is none! Just those little windows and a large sliding door in the back of the tabernacle.  This week at Happy Time camp there is about 150 campers and it's about 110 degress in here.

Some very sad news... My good camera is not working.  Thats why this photo is so crapy!  hehe. I had to use my little camera.   It seems to me that the compact flash reader is not working.  I'm missing photo opportunities daily, but... I could get a new camera sooner;-)  Paul is trying to decide what he wants to get me.  He better hurry up!

Sorry blogger friends there is not much time during the weeks to blog but we are all doing great.  Autumn is again with a group of girls this week at camp and lillie has made a new friend that she sees during our programs.  

Other than being hot!!!  I'm trying to stay out of the sun these days.   In my younger days I really enjoyed my sun tan but now that I'm older I considering more about the health of my skin.  I'd much rather have nicer skin when I'm older.   I'm trying to keep a hat on Pastor Paul, he's in that sun so much with our inflatables.

Strangely there is no Snack Shack this week at camp... which is good so were not eating ice cream every night!

That's all folks!

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No Snack Shack! What's a camp without a snack shack! Where are you going to get your traveling snacks for the drive from camp to the next destination.


My Lydia is there and I am missing her, but know she is probably having a blast!!! I am thankful for your ministry!

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