Friday, June 19, 2009

New Coupon Site

A lady that I don't know came across my blog and told me about this site called Fabulous Savings.  She thought I might enjoy it and that some of you may too!  It's not coupons for groceries but other companies.  I'm trying the coupon from Kohls this weekend.  I hope it works!!

3 I love Comments!!:

Amy W

Funny, I was talking about coupon shopping at a kid's birthday party this afternoon. I'm almost ready to take the leap! The mom I was talking to was endorsing That's probably the one you've talked about and I haven't paid attention!


This is nerissa and i think my mom will use it


yeah couponing is really good for saving money.there are many sites which provide really great deals thecoupondoc is one of them.

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