Thursday, June 18, 2009

Water slide fun at Camp Michindoh

Here is the water slide at Camp Michindoh, the Girls were really excited to go on it!

Lillies adopted Grandpa took her on the slide,  she was so excited.  She went with him twice and had a ball, then another lady councilor took her down and they slipped and went under the water!  Lillie was fine but then she wanted her new grandpa to take her again.  

The 3rd time down they too ran out of luck and both went under water!  Lillie was fine again but let us know she was all finished.  She keep telling me all day long that she went under water and her eyes got wet.

This is Autumn with her Cabin, she was in Cabin #2.  I'm grateful to the camp for letting her be in a cabin with the kids.  She had a great time and made some new friends.

Autumn can't swim yet, well she could if she wanted too!!  She was as excited about the slide until she too went under water.  That was the last time for her.

Were off this morning to Elida Ohio.  We will be spending 3 days here then heading home for our Faith Family picnic (Church Plant at the YMCA) on Sunday.  Then monday were off to Happy Time Camp in Brown City Michigan!

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That's great that they let Autumn be in a cabin!


I know how the girls felt, I love those slides, but when you go under the water, it's a scary thing. Look forward to seeing you guys next week.(especially the kiddos)
gail t.

my kids would dig that!

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