Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Duck a-Grams

We've seen it all but this is a first!  We've had balloon-a-grams, candy-grams, but never duck-a-grams!  This week the canteen has sold 600 duck-a-grams and who know how many candy grams.  This is Pastor Pauls stock pile from just our first day.

It's obovioue that Lillie is loveing them!  Today was a hot day in Illinois sooo we went swimming in the bath tube.

Crazy husband here playing the Oreo game.  You spray the orea with water and place it on the forhead.  Using only your face try and get the oreo in your mouth!

Camp is going great.  Were giving them a diffent kind of program than they've had before:-) Were having great responses.

The family laid down to take a nap today... 2 hours later we all woke up.  I guess we needed that!  It was more like a bear nap than a quick little cat nap.

This is our last evening service and were heading home in the morning after breakfast.  Time to get busy at Michigan Youth Camp.  This weekend I have lots of shopping and pre-planning before camp starts on Monday.

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Emily is the champion oreo cookie game player! Maybe it runs in the family? :)


I like the duck-a-grams, those are neat!

The 6 Karns'

We loved having you at Illinois Youth Camp. My 3 kids had a blast and couldn't wait for "church"...have to admit, my husband & I couldn't wait either :)

Thanks again,
Shawn & Amber Karns


We are soo looking forward to your arrival at MCOG camp!!!

It's gonna be great!!

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