Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Illinois Camp

Illinois Youth Camp
Here is my shirt that I cut for this weeks camp.  Lucky me another t-shirt! This weeks theme is Flipped, Act 17:6.   The shirts were printed inside out!  Great concept.  The tag is sticking out the back of the shirts so i couldn't cut the neck this week.  I cut it in to a V  I think it looks good.

This fountain is located at the main building.  It's a very posh campgrounds. I'm hoping to get a good photo of the girls before we head out on Thursday morning.  

Pastor Paul and Lillie are sleeping as we speak so this gives me time to get work done in peace and quiet and then I'll take a quick little cat nap myself.

Autumn is in her own cabin again this week.  Loving it of course, but having her daddy as the camp speaker can be a little boring to her after awhile.  The camp food here is amazing.  Week after week Paul and I keep trying to take off some winter weight but it doesn't seem to be working this summer.  All in all it's a great week and I'll fill you all in more later.  

Expecting God to do great things in the lives of children.

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yeah, another cute t shirt.

All of the pictures are so cute...


Sounds like you can lose that winter weight at the Fenton campground LOL

Amy W

Very cute shirt!! You're getting good at this!


I am praying God will give you both super anointing and strength to touch the lives of children,God is smiling at you all, I am sure, b/c of his great love for little ones. I have Krista's tonight, and it is so real to me how dependent we are on the mercies of God for ALL that they will need. You guys are on the prayer list at my house. So grateful for you both!!! Kitty :)

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