Friday, July 10, 2009

July 4th

I'm so gratefull for our inflatables.  Who knew??? God knew!!  The investment in the inflatables has really helped Paul and I stay on the road traveling like we do.    Paul has to twist my arm 10 years ago to get me to purchase our first moonwalk and now we can't seem to stop!  I think we have a total of 17 pieces.  

This photo is were we've been for the last several years on July 4th.  The Freedom Center in Fenton does this event for the community every 4th of July free to their community.  I have no idea how many people come through here during the event, we provided for them 15 inflatables.

Thank You Lord for providing for our family through those silly inflatables.

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Inflatables are FUN!

You have the most fascinating life! {grin} I love reading of your adventures!

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