Thursday, July 2, 2009

Event T-shirts

Every year Paul and I get so many event t-shirts. 
I personally hate t-shirts but with a few snips here and there I have something that I really like.

Every year I arm myself with a new pair of Friskers Fabric Scissors!   No telling how many shirts I end up cutting.  Not only mine, but campers and other staff have to have something other than a boring t-shirt :-)  By the end of the summer my poor scissors are dull.

Last year I came across this cool book, but I was to cheap to pick it up.  There were to many different designs that I would never cut, but it was really neat book.

 This design I've seen girls do several times.  This is my fist time trying it.  

This cut here Paul told me about.  He had seen a lady at a event he did with our inflatables and took a photo of her shirt on his cell phone.  He was thinking of me!  He's so sweet.  I tried it... and like it.

Stay tuned to more t-shirt designs!!

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Amy W

How crazy is this: I have that book!! My hubby actually bought it for me and modified one of his old t-shirts to fit me. You'll notice that none of the models in the book are wearing bras, so it's kind of difficult to find a modest cut! Yours looks great!

This is an awesome idea! I feel the same way about t-shirts :)


Jessica- the first picture of you on this post, you look so much like your Mom I thought you were her. T shirt is adorable! Kitty

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