Saturday, July 11, 2009

The Shack

I'm not sure if any of you have read this book, but it is a must read.  I purchased it at Sams Club for our first trip out to Michindo Youth Camp  3 weeks ago but never got around to reading it.

Finally last week on our way to Mississippi camp without the girls I was able to start the book.  I want to talk with Paul about it... It's amazing!  He kept tell me to be quiet that he wanted to read it first.  Like he would ever have time.  He does all the driving, then he takes his little cat naps during the day.  When would he have time.  So before we left I purchased it on itunes for $5.99.  It's was cheeper than the book and oh so much better on MP3.  Anyhow...  as were driving I look over at Paul and he is crying. ( I love my sensitive husband, who cries at most movies! lol)  My eyes were moisten a few times too!  Wow, we were able to talk and discuss it after he was finished.   It will definitely get your mind to thinking.

I'm not telling you anything about it just incase you haven't read the book.   Has anyone read this yet??

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I read it and LOVED it too!! I convinced my husband to read it and he thought it was great. So he designed a weekly Bible study and got the church to read it and discuss it. It was awesome!!



It is on my list of must reads. It will be next. If I don't get to it before vacation I will read in on the way to Florida. I've been trying to get to it forever!

3 for Me!

I've read it too!! I really liked it... there is soo much to think about from the book!! So many good themes, but as usual with spiritual fiction... I referred to my Bible and my husband when I was working some of the concepts out.

Amy W

It's excellent! I didn't realize it was fiction until I was well into the book. How could you NOT cry? Wow.


I haven't gotten around the whole God is a girl deal yet.

Just finished it. Wonderful.

Faith Family

My whole family read it and loved it! Did you notice that God was with him the whole time....check out the friends names that was with him during his loss and the names of God at the Shack...(really cool!)

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