Friday, July 24, 2009

The many faces of Pastor Paul

I going to start off by telling you that my husband is not the same man that I married!! Over the years he has developed and changed into a man of God that I would have never dreamed. So here he is the man with many faces...

We used to use all sorts of stuff (puppets, chalk art, magic..) while communicating to children. Over the years Paul has developed his God given gift.

And if you can't tell or you've never heard him speak, that gift is story telling. Over the years we have put all that stuff away, bringing it out only on occasion. Paul is the best Children's communicator that I've ever heard. Sorry he's my husband I have to say that:-) Not only does he communicate well with the children, but the adults love him as well. This is why we are starting our own church here in september for young families at the YMCA. For more info go to Our goal is to reach the family as a whole.

I'm sure you are wondering about that sweaty man! Gross I know! Usually Paul does not sweat this bad during a program, but those stage lights are so hot. And if you've seen our program it is an aerobic workout.

FYI... Notice Paul does not sweat under his arms! Crazy I know, it all runs off his head. He's never wear a lick of deodorant in his life because his skin is so dry. Lucky him he doesn't stink! I guess I should say lucky me. Okay to much information!

Talking to a doctor and scientist friend, they claim that Paul's brain is thinking so fast and working so hard that he perspires from his head. Interesting.

At camp in Mississippi one kid call his condition "sweats a los sis" hehe!! That nick name has stayed with him the last several weeks. I don't think it's going away.

These photos here I took during the morning devotions.

There you have it... the man with many faces, the Greatest Story Teller Ever. In my book anyway.

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I hope one day I'll get to hear him speak! Sounds like he has a true gift!


Amy W

You should post a short video of him too!! He looks like he would be interesting to listen to! :)


Pastor Paul,
My little cousin was in your class this year at Brown City. He wasn't looking forward to the classes. But after the first class with you he couldn't wait to get out of our trailer in the morning to go to class and hear what Pastor Paul had to say. So thank you for being so cool and helping my little cousin have a good camp.

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