Tuesday, July 28, 2009

quick update

Sorry about the lack of post lately. I just wanted to show you a quick shirt that I cut last week at camp. I love it. I get so many complements on all my shirts. It's so easy to do. You all should try one and show me. I'm sure you all have a t -shirt laying that needs to be retired that you could practice on.

This is Autumn in her new clown out fit. She's been waiting all summer and is finally sporting her new getup. Thanks to Lacey who make her short outfit.
She calls herself Tumbleleana??? Is that spelled right? She has a short outfit so she can do her cartwheels and tumbles. Were still looking for a few different hair pieces, but were trying to stay away from a wig. That way it won't fall off when she is tumbling.
Were trying out a few different faces. I've done them but as soon as we find something she'll be practicing so she can do it herself. I've also bought a pace painting kit and will be doing some practicing this week. I'll keep you posted.

3 I love Comments!!:


Very cool shirt. None of my t's fit me at the moment but I think it would be fun to try one of your creations! Your daughter's clown outfit is awesome! I love the painted face too!! You did a great job!



Hi Autumn. I love your clown outfit. It looks great all together.


Wow autumns so cute

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