Friday, July 17, 2009


We finally made it! Camp Whoville!
What a week! We truly could not do it by ourselves! Thanks to all who helped out! Children's lives were changed this week. Children learned this week who God is. I AM Father, I AM Son, I AM Spirit three in one!!

In this photo here, Paul is getting the kids in order for the group photo. Notice his hair, it was Wacky Wednesday. Cabins received hair paint to make some really cool Seussical hair.

I was so busy this week that I didn't get any other photos besides our Worship service. I should do better next. I love this photo that I took of Paul.

This slip n slide has been in the making (or the mind) for several years. We had the vinyl but it needed to be sewed. The cost is what was keeping us from doing it, being 100 feet long it would be several hundred dollars. We ran into a someone at camp who had the right sewing machine! Yeah God! He sewed the edges so we could slide noodles down the sides and made places for the stakes to hold it in place. It was the biggest hit. A little baby shampoo helps one slide fast and go long! Of course Pastor Paul had to be first to try it out!

This was where we held our morning devotions and held our One fish, two fish, red fish, blue fish competitions. I just love Paul's face here. He cracks me up, he is such a creative story teller. That is definitely his God given gift.

There is no internet connection at camp so I see you guys next week! Keep us in your prayers.

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Looks like you had an awesome week!! Love that slip-n-slide. That'll be something the kids remember for years to come! And that picture of Paul leading the Worship is incredible! Love the lighting!



Great pics, wish I was young again. Well not really. LOL Looks like fun though.


The slip n slide looks AWESOME!

I love Paul's stories, he's so entertaining LOL

How was the food?


Thanks for the compliment! I did design the header. I need lots more practice but I enjoy doing it! Have a great weekend!!



Hey paster paul is soo amazing he made my laugh and make me feel at home

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