Friday, September 4, 2009

faith family Gives Away Dance Leotards

This past Tuesday in Durand at Kathy's School of Dance we handed out dance leotards to the first 100 children. A special Thanks to my friend Hether who helped stuff the leotard bags with our church information and helped hand them out.

The dance studio that allowed us to set up next store was Kathy's School of Dance. Hethers daughter Gracie attends and Hether danced there all the way through high school. She knows lots of families there and we figured that here we would make the most contacts. (because Hether know everyone! lol)

Autumn and Gracie had to show off the dance outfits by wearing them!

It was great because people were so surprised that anyone would give them a free dance outfit!

We set up all five sized in tubs so they could be found easly.

What a great day, great outreach, great way to get our new name into the community!! Faith Family has only 9 more days until the first service!

So far we have gotten all the banners done, video projectors, sound system, pipe and drape that covers the whole gym, lots of printed material. You should see our tithe envelopes! It is sweeeeet! There is not another one like it. I also order faith family stickers for the families who greet on Sunday morning. The stickers are for the kids to hand out to other kids.

We're still looking for a trailer if anyone knows where we can get a good deal.

It's so great to start a church from scratch and try so many ideas that other churches might not be able to do.

Believing for great things and winning lots of families to Christ!!

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I'm sure there were many happy girls that day.

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