Saturday, September 5, 2009

Faith Family Outreach and giveaways!

What a great day! I am so tired! Today not only did we sell popsicles for Faith Family in Durand at the car show, we then headed to Owosso to give away free scrapbooking items to promote the new church plant. Only 7 more days!!

We gave lots of freebies to kids and families today to help spread the word about faith family!

The girls did a great job at spotting kids a mile away and then getting ready the free items and flyers to hand out. They were like hawks watching their prey. They were on top of it and were a great help today. They did so good for such a long day and only ate about 10 popsicles each!

After the car show we headed to Owosso to the NAPA parking lot and set up our tent with free scrapbooking item. People could not believe we were giving this away. It's so fun to bless others!!

I gave out yellow gift bags with a 4x6 post card telling about our church in each bag. Each person could pick 50 items. The way I figured that yellow bag ended up being a $100 value. It was amazing.

I used the popsicles boxes to put my scrapbooking items in. I wanted it to look nicer but it would have costed me so much money to pick up lots of small clear bins.

On this table you were able to pick 2 items... their were photo books, scrapbooks, large sticker sheets, reams of paper, camera cases... the photo was taken later so half the items were already gone.

Thank you Lord for all the great contacts we made today, may we win many families for you.

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