Monday, September 21, 2009

Faith Family is finally here!

Faith Family is now meeting! I don't have many photos to share I've been busy during the service so this is what I've got. Details people, we love details!

The girls are wearing their Faith Family shirts.

Thes are our family cards. Every family fills our a card each week. Visitors don't feel so uncomfortable filling out a card because everyone does it at a specific time. This card is also used for comments, suggestion, prayer request, keeping attendance and anything else that an individual might want to share with us. Then at the end of the service we collect the cards and do a drawling. The past 2 weeks we've given away Drive By Family Devotions on CD for families to listening to in their car.

These are our tithe envelopes. They are sooo cool. It just makes me want to give!

We had several signs done, these are just a few. We also have A frame signs in the parking that reserve parking for Faith Family.

This was Pastor Paul idea. He is a detail man! I love that about him!

We had balloons made with our church logo.

We have a quite play area in the back of the gym. This bin from IKEA is filled with quite toys for children to used at their seat or back here on these 10 X 10 rubber mat that we purchased. This is a new concept for a church to have the families come together during the worship service, the whole service. Actually it's not a new one it's an old one! I wonder what year Kids Church came about?

3 I love Comments!!:

That boisterous sign cracks me up. And love the quiet play bins!


Yay for new beginnings! Praying your ministry will be fruitful!!


Wee Ones Mommy

So excited for you. I love Family Services. We do it in our home each morning and yes- 5 children (ages 6 months-12 years) stay focused, interactive and excited about the next time.
Great job!

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