Tuesday, September 22, 2009

My face is a Mess!

I'm kicking myself for not ordering the good stuff. My poor face is not looking so great. My lovely husband agrees... Tonight sitting at the restaurant next to the hotel I say to him, "My face looks horrible, I'm so embarrassed." Then he proceeds to say to me, "Ya, I just don't look at ya!" Good thing he said that with a big grin on his face! lol What a stinker!
When I was pregnant with Lillie my face seemed bad so I ordered Proactive for about a year. I seemed to dry out my face but it did a pretty good job.

Then I tried Mary Kay and I like it. I love the Microdermabrasion . I've stretched that for a year and I'm just about out. I hate that face products are so expensive.

My friend Kelly started selling BeautiControl and let me order it for her price. Which is still over $50 but I do love it. I stretched this too for a year.

I ran out of my BeautiControl about 2 months ago and my face just keep getting worse and yucky. I can't get it to clear up! I went out and bought this Oil of Olay stuff. Cheep, I only spend about $10. It seems like it should work. It's very popular, but I don't know if I'm buying the right stuff or it's just junk! Probably junk!

So, tonight at dinner I told Paul I'm just going to have to break down and buy the more expensive stuff. It makes me sick since it's the end of our season and money gets tight. I just don't want to feel ugly anymore:( I know you ladies totally understand. Paul says he only uses the shampoo in the shower and he doesn't have any problems with his skin. What's my problem. Perhaps I should try his method! lol

So I'm looking to my blogging friend for any suggestions to help clear up this pitiful face of mine. Quick!

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My skin has been t-r-o-u-b-l-e since the beginning of my pregnancy. I finally bought Neutrogena cleanser (brown liquid stuff) and its really helped. And not expensive at all. I also use Olay mosturizer at night. Maybe my hormones are leveling out, or maybe this combo really works. Before my husband got laid off and we actually had money (ha ha) I loved the Clinique 3-step care line. It worked wonders too! Good luck!!



I know this will sound gross, but when I wash my face at night I break out the next morning, so I don't wash my face at night, if I take a shower just water on it no soap. I will do some checkin at the supply place I go to they have some good things and I can get it to you for my cost.

Amy W

I hear Great Cakes Soapworks makes an awesome Clarifying Facial Soap for just $5.95. You probably wouldn't even need moisturizer. If you did, you could get a sample of the Skin Glow for just $5. Oh, and she ships first class mail, and has been known to add extra goodies for free. ;)

Beth Riley

Hey girl... I use Arbonne. Very expensive but it last a LONG time and totally changed my skin. I am a consultant now only for the discount so take a look on line and if you want something let me know.... Beth R. :)

Rhonda LeBeau

Hi Jessica. We met at Whoville camp this summer. I love your Blog page. your family picture is so incredibly sweet. I'm learning about blogging and I'm gettin excited. (It's like an old thing that's new to me :) Anyway, about the face. I know your whoa's... I recently bought "gentle texture facial cleansing buffs at Sally's and use them like a wash cloth. I apply PHisoderm anti-blemish gel facial wash to the cleansing buff and scrub softly in circular motions before bed and in the morning. This plus drinking plenty of water has helped me tremendously over the past few months and saved me lots of money. Hope you find what works for you... It's like trying to find an honest mechanic and a good hair stylist. Anyway, God Bless


Soap-free cleanser (Cetaphil is a good one), oil free moisturizer (Neutrogena sells one that is like a gel that my dermatologist recommended), and then if you can, a consultation with a dermatologist or even your gynecologist or family doctor. All doctors can prescribe medications for the face; it doesn't have to be a dermatologist. If you consider the cost of all you have spent and how you have to make it last, it would probably be worth it to see a doctor.

You could clean your face 10 times a day and use expensive products, too, but you can't control hormones, stress, and age. I have issues with my skin, too, and I have seen a dermatologist for years. My gynecologist and family doctor both agree that once women turn 30, skin changes, and not for the better usually. Also, when pregnant, your body produces more estrogen, which typically means good skin. SO, when women are done having babies and also aging, and hormones fluctuate, skin suffers and it becomes more noticeable because all along, your hormones have been suppressed with being pregant, nursing, (and younger age, too).

Total bummer, but I just discussed this with all three of my doctors in August (family doc, dermatologist, gynecologist), and they all told me the same thing. Sorry for such a long comment! I use two medications for my skin, and I have tried every manner of over the counter/drugstore treatment, cleanser, etc. None of it helped dramatically, and some actually made it worse.

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