Friday, September 25, 2009

Muslims pray at the Captial in Washington

Paul and I got to go to Washington DC on Friday. It just happened to be that 50,00o muslims were expected to show up to pray at the capital. However according to this only about 1,000 showed. I'd say that that was about right, because I seen it with my very eyes!

What saddens me is the protesters. Sometimes we Christian are not very tactful in what we do to show Christ's love. These people were preaching HELL through a sound system and handing out tracts. Of course the Muslims were not taking them, they were applaud and rolling their eyes.

I noticed that these protesters never smiled. I feel that a bigger statement would have been made if they would have just prayed quietly in small groups not wearing Christian T-Shirts. I just felt like Christians got another bad name again today.

Anyhow, enough of that! Paul and I were alone and it was nice. We did miss Autumn though because she is now of an age where she could understand more about this amazing place. ( She's been here twice but she was only about 2 and 4 years old.)

If you look closely at the white house I do believe I could have captures a Special person on film!

I wish my zoom on my camera was a bit better. But could that be the President's wife??? You be the judge!! You can't see it as well as I can. The photo is much bigger on my computer. hummm. . .

I am always amazed at the Metro. It's like an underground city. If you think about it?? It's huge...

It makes me wonder what else is underground in Washington DC??? More than we'll ever know I'm sure!

While in DC we didn't have time to do any museums, we just walked the mall. We stopped at the Local farmers Market right there at the Mall and had lunch. I also bough myself some new homemade face soap.

It's nice to he home we missed the girls.

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Amy W

I agree with you. The protesters don't get it. They will know us by our LOVE, right? I do love the pics of you guys "holding" the Washington Monument! Very cool!

i love d.c.

I do think that is the 1st lady!

You two are STRONG!

Amen to what you noted about the protesters.

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