Sunday, October 4, 2009

Memory Lane Monday ...

Oh how I miss that baby sling!!

I got rid of it way to soon!

This weekend we were at the Pumpkin Festival, not without our inflatables of course! It was a rainy, cold and yucky day. We had to barrow beach towels to dry the inflatables a few times. I got a little time away to check out a few vender booths. I make this sling out of the large beach towel so I could carry Lillie close, in and out of the rain between craft booths. I was glad the Lillie had brought her Sleeping Beauty umbrella.

We made it work and had a great day with friends and family!

3 I love Comments!!:


wow Mrs Jessica how cute@


That's great! Very creative use of a towel. I still use my mei tai with the girls at times. They enjoy the ride.


My mom used to do that with my litle bro

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