Wednesday, October 7, 2009

When does a girl shave her legs?

I remember shaving my legs in 5th grade. I knew that Autumn would be asking soon to shave her legs. I had decided that when she does ask I would let her. There will plenty more topics to argue over!

Last week Autumn as not wanting to wear her tight leggings because it bothers the hair on her legs. She has so many cute out fits to wear with her tight leggings and never wears them. Now I know why. So I told her to shave her legs! Crazy mom! So we did.

Autum is 9 years old and in 4th grade, it may be to young, it may not be? All I do know is that she was hilarious and so excited! When she was finished I told her to go and put lotion on her legs. As she sat down on the floor with the lotion she says...

"OH MY GOODNESS, my legs feel like HEAVEN!"

So when did you shave your legs and when do you think you'll let your daughter?

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4 Smith's

Probably when she hits puberty. That would be my guess. Who knows? When should "the talk" happen. Now that is a subject that freaks me out and I do not want to even think about having any time soon, but I know it will have to happen sooner than later. Why do they have to grow up?


Haha that's cute - I remember I was so excited the first time I shaved my legs because I felt so grown up. My mom didn't let me until I was 16 - actually I don't think she even let me, haha! I think she just got tired of me asking and told me I was old enough to make my own decisions. Now I rarely ever shave my legs! My mom instilled in me never to care about my appearance than what God thought of me, and she always made me question my motives when I asked her if I could pretty myself up for anything. I'm thankful for that now, but at the time, I was just begrudgingly "honoring" my mother.

Thanks for sharing you and your daughter's experience, and good luck on the I Heart Faces Sticviews contest - thanks for entering :)!

Amy W

It was 7th grade for me - I remember there were 2 girls in my class who started in 6th grade. Seemed like everyone else started in 7th. I just assumed my girls would start in 7th. Once you start...


She looks so little! *if I had a girl* I'm sure I'd be bawling the first time she shaved her legs, if that's not a sign of growing up...

I can't even remember when I started shaving....I remember my sister used to steal our used razors that we would throw away (yuck!) to shave her legs LOL


OH MY!!!!!!! SO glad you took pictures!
What a great memory! I remember wanting to for SO VERY LONG but my mom always said I couldn't/wasn't ready! I also remember my step-daughter "sneak" shaving. She was probably 4th or 5th grade too! Thanks for sharing such a fun moment!


OMG IM not even shaving my legs yet and mom said that was wrong bc shes goign to have black heads of hair and have to shave before school and after school

michelle mceachern

Poor girl has no idea how sick and tired of shaving she's going to be over the years! I was one of those tomboys that probably waited until 16 or something around there.

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