Sunday, November 29, 2009

Memory Lane Monday ...

 2003 Kids Fest at Kings Island, Ohio

Autumn was three years old and enjoyed helping on stage.  This was her trick.  She would place this bucket on a persons head and blow up the head or so it looked that way.   Just a silly o' trick but the kids love to see her perform it.

There were several hundred kids here but I don't really remember exactly how many.  Sometimes I wish I would have journaled our travels.  We have so many great stories and memories.

Here is that famous straight jacket escape again!   Man I was skinny in that photo!!    Gone are those young mommy days :D  See that barrow in the background,  I used to escape from that!  Another day another photo!

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I wish I'd kept a journal sometimes as well. And also a map with every place we stopped at marked.

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