Sunday, February 14, 2010

Memory Lane Monday... summer travels

Travel Spoils you for regular life!

This Memory Lane Monday takes us back to 2003 when we traveled about 8 months a year doing children's program.  So as you can see each one of us has a huge suit case.  Hey, you need a big one when you have to take everything in your closet! lol  We bought them all the same so we wouldn't look so much like the Clampetts from the Beverly Hillbillies when traveled.  Also they were easly spotted when you needed to find your luggage at the airport!

So your wondering whats on the cart?  The camera bag is most import to this mother!  I never leave home without! (although I have been slacking in this area lately.)  The purse, the toys, the toiletry bag and of course the gift basket with all the left overs from the yummy basket that the church left for us in our room when we arrived!

I have to admit... I do miss those days!  34 states later... good memories.

2 I love Comments!!:


wow, that is a lot of traveling!
Love the red luggage!
cute picture!


She's so little!

those suitcases were a bear to lug around but they really did fit everything you needed.

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