Monday, March 1, 2010

200 Madagascar Cockroaches

After yesterdays post I just had to go back down Memory Lane... This takes us to 2005 while we were on staff at The Freedom Center in Fenton.   

200 Madagascar Hissing Cockroaches

I told you Paul and I have done some crazy things for the looser of the offering contest.  This one takes the cake, surpassing even the chicken suit my hubby had to wear for loosing yet another contest!  

It's a good think that kids like me!! There was no way in a million years I'd loose this one!  Thankfully I was pregnant with Lillie and the Ladies of the church would no way allow me to loose!!  I did lost prior to this contest have to have sport blue hair and even kiss a pig!

The kids love these by the way.  Me however would not step foot in the Children Aflame room.  I couldn't look at these things for weeks!!   Your asking why weeks?  That because Paul kept them in the garage for about a month later renting them out to youth groups who wanted to do the same thing!!!  I just got a shiver!!  gross!   That was a easy way to make our money back for buying the roaches!!

Paul is laying in a coffin that the local funeral home donated to us just for this specific event.  Wasn't that nice...  they didn't want it back when we were finished.  I wonder why??

Anyhow, another day in the life of the Dietzels.   Never a dual moment around here!

4 I love Comments!!:


What did you do with the coffin?


Oh my stars. I thought it was a big deal when my husband swallowed a live goldfish. Wow. that is really discusting! :)


um, gross!!!!!!!! ewww!


Reed wants to know what the bet was that Pastor Paul lost? Angie

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