Wednesday, March 3, 2010

If only I could cook!

Where there's smoke, there's toast.  Well it's not that I burn food, it just never turns out.  We'll maybe sometimes I burn things.  Like my Lasagna 2 weeks ago!  But that's beside the point.  I just can't cook!  Give me any thing that does not have to be cooked or baked and I do great!!!  

I don't get it.  I try.  That cake up there,  I somehow forgot the ingredient to make it rise.  If you think that's bad I'll have you know that I made that same Texas Sheet Cake the night before and it also went into the garbage because the frosting was sticky!

My mom told me when I was growning up that I needed to learn how to cook before I got married.  I told not that I'd learn as I needed to.  Well 13 year later and I still have to call my mom to see how long it takes to cook a roast in the oven.

I guess some women have it and others don't... my poor family.   If anyone want's to have us over for dinner that would be great! lol

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Ohh girl. Keep trying! I love to cook and bake. Practice makes perfect! :)

Amy W

Apparently you've figured out granola - yeah!!!! I'd have you over if it wasn't for the plane ride you would have to take to get here in time for dinner! :)


I empathize, the only things that turn out edible are normally things I can dump all together or foodstuffs from the frozen section LOL

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