Thursday, March 4, 2010

Homemade Cinnamon Roll

 I can't believe I made these.... I know what your thinking!  There's no way that Jessica made those.  Did you see the last cake she made from scratch!! lol

My friend Julie invited me and my friend Hether over to her mothers house.  Her mom showed us how to make homemade cinnamon rolls.  Every mom should know how to do this!

These are Lillie's little friends.

Enjoying the sweet treats!

Lou and I have eaten them all day long.  They were so yummy!

Now we just have to see if I can make them by myself.  That will be the real test!  I'll keep you all posted!

5 I love Comments!!:

Amy W

They look fabulous!! You're making me hungry!


I loved the cute pictures too!

those look sooooooo yummy. Great to see the cute photos :)


Ummmm are you gonna give us the recipe? Because I don't know how to make cinnamon rolls are they look REALLY good!

I also gave you an award:

Shayna from FabulousSavings

Jessica, that roll looks INCREDIBLE. Adorable pics to boot!

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