Monday, May 10, 2010

MothersDay and Happy Birthday

Faith Family had a great crowd this morning. We had 76 in attendance!  It's so excited to see God working! Oh the story's I wish I could share!

This Sunday was a busy one for sure.  I should tell you about those congas!  I looked everywhere for used ones and no one had any!  Months went by and finally I found some for $80.  It was an awesome deal new they are $250!  I used a Mr. Clean sponge and they cleaned up like new!  Yesterday was the first time they were used!  It was great to have someone to keep the beat!  Now we just need a piano and guitar player.  Oh and a music leader!

All the moms took home helium balloons for mothers day.  Pastor Paul did a great job on his Mothers Day service! (big proud smile, he makes me so proud)

This Mothers Day we celebrated husbands 40th Birthday!!  It is actually today but he was born on Mothers Day.   He is one old man who is hard to surprise!  He pays so much to detail!  

The church bought him this Giant Revive Bicycle.  He was so excited.  I wish you could have seen the look on his face.  Just the other day he was coveting Spongebobs friend, Squidward's recumbent bike on TV!

Now this old man can ride in comfort and style!

It was a great day Mothers Day/Birthday!  

Today I'm packing for Oklahoma.  We will be leaving on Tuesday bright and early.  Lacey is coming to stay with the girls for the week.  It's that time of year to get busy soon they will be able to go with us... Kids Crusades and Summer Camps HERE WE COME!

This is the video I made for husband for his big 40!

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Amy Warden

What do you know! My hubby will be 40 this year too! Love the 'stache!


Great video Jess!

hope your hubby had a great 4-0!

Your busy season is coming up again if I remember correctly. Hope you will have a great summer.

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