Sunday, May 16, 2010

Show me your Space -Children's Ministry

Last week,  I posted pictures of our church's auditorium for a fun link up at Girlfriends with a Purpose. This weeks pictures are of our church's children's ministry!  You can play along to if you'd like.  Go to and show us what you've got.

At Faith FAmily we have a mulitgenerational service so the kids are in the service with us.  In the back of the gym I have "Quiet Play" for children 3 and under.

I got this great bin at IKEA and I"ve put different quiet items in each bin.   We ask that parent come back to the mat and stay with their children or they can take something back to their set.

Every Sunday we have a Kid Jam.  We call all the kids up to the stage to sing a special song.  It's a different song every week, we sing anything  from silly and active songs to praise and worship songs.  Kids love it and the adults love to watch their kids.

Thanks for stopping by, go and check out a few other worship spaces at Girl Friends With A Purpose.

3 I love Comments!!:


That's cool. I like that you encourage the kids to stay in the service. So many people give you dirty looks if you have kids in the service these days, I think it's good for them!


Loved seeing the pictures! The kids opportunity to participate in the service is awesome!! =)


We have a Children's Story every week before the kids are dismissed to their rooms. It's nice to have them up front and be a part of the service. The older members just love seeing them and hearing what they will say :)

The Quiet Play bins are a great idea. We have folders for older children with coloring books and crayons..but I'll have to mention these to my hubby! :)

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