Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Summer Travels Are Here

We just got in last Sunday from

Now were are currently in

This coming Tuesday we head to

Then the first week of June we have off before we are booked every day of the summer.  We have several Kids Crusades and 6 Youth Camps this summer.  Camps are the girls favorite.

Lots of driving this month ... and in between we have to head back to Michigan to be at our church on Sundays!  Crazy I know as soon as the girls get out of school we'll all be toghether again.  Lacey is staying with the girls these past and next few weeks.  We don't like to go without the girls but sometimes we just have to do it.  It's our sole income so when the phone rings we've gotta go.  It was a lot easier when Autumn was not in school and before Lillie came along.   We knew this day would come...   we are working on staying more local.

This is the Church we are ministering at this week in Soddy Daisy, Tennessee.  It is beautiful this week not hot at all.  Paul and I were able to go to Dalton GA and pick out some new carpet for the house (it is so so cheep in GA at the outlets)  we also went to our friends in Cartersville, Georgia for lunch this afternoon.  It's great to see old friends.   Friday we head home.  We are driving through the night to be home for Autumns 10th Birthday.

Were heading to Scottsboro Alabama in the morning...  I can't wait to share with you all where I'm going....  It is an awesome place.   A place we haven't been in a very long time,  only when we go south.!

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Are you headed to Chic-fil-a?
I know you mention it about every time your travels take you South.
If you are headed to that wonderful place, just know that I am incredibly jealous. I love Chic-fil-a.

And if you are not headed there, then I am excited to know where you will be going =)



: )
I hope you have good/safe travels, ministry times, and together time.
Happy 10th birthday to Autumn! : )


I hope y'all continue to have a great time!! Can't wait to hear all about it! =)

Amy Warden

I was going to guess Chick-Fil-A as well. :)

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